Seminars 2020/21

This seminar will be taught by Prof. Dr. Lopatta and Prof. Dr. Basen. The goal  is to read and discuss empirical researcher paper in finance and accounting to derive and identify interesting, important, and researchable topics, formulating testable hypotheses related to those topics, and empirically testing those hypotheses using valid, powerful, and otherwise well-chosen research designs and empirical methods. 

Planning in progress, next R7 Seminar will be beginning of 2021.

PRI Conference 2017

The PRI collaborated with University of Hamburg for the ninth Academic Network Conference. We were delighted that the conference was once again part of PRI in Person and was held on 26-27 September at the InterContinental Berlin.

The event was for academic researchers in the field of SRI and gave also the opportunity to academics and investors to engage with each other, learn and discuss the latest insights, and to network. Read more >>

GRONEN Conference 2016

The field of business sustainability continues to wrestle with an unsolved tension. On the one hand, firms continue to thrive and extend their business capacity. On the other hand, there is now decades of accumulated evidence that many industries’ production patterns are not sustainable. While experts call for more sustainable business practices, many business leaders still believe that being environmentally and socially sustainable comes at a cost to their shareholder. Read more >>

ERIIC Conference 2015

3rd European Responsible Investment & Institutions Conference

To what extent and how can capitalist structures and processes foster, encourage, or facilitate social and environmental responsibility in business? This question is a vigorously debated issue with a long history, particularly given the increasing influence of, and research on, sustainable investment.
In recent years, sustainable investment practices have increasingly gained importance in capital markets. In fact, stock market data show that sustainable investments have reached US$ 10.6 trillion globally. Read more >>